Dr. Crystal Lowe-Pearce provides intervention services to children, adolescents, and young adults. She has a particular interest in working with clients with disabilities. She has extensive experience working together with families and other professionals to best coordinate client care. Using her rehabilitation skill-set, Dr. Lowe-Pearce offers intervention to clients in a number of areas including emotional regulation, executive functioning, social skills, self-esteem, anxiety management, and functional daily living. She also offers behavioural intervention. Using a solution-focused coaching approach, Dr. Lowe-Pearce aims to help her clients develop practical strategies that they can apply to everyday life.

In addition to her direct intervention services, Dr. Lowe-Pearce offers workshops and consultation to care-providers and community groups. Dr. Lowe-Pearce often consults with families and other service providers in areas related to the assessment of Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Intellectual Disabilities. She views assessments with a developmental perspective and can help to identify strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations that are practical and tailored to optimizing functioning within home, school, and community. Dr. Lowe-Pearce also provides consultation to community living and vocational environments, and using a developmental lens, can help with functional behaviour assessments and the development of individual behavioural plans.

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Services currently not available - away on leave.

Ms. Benigno is a registered psychologist with experience in providing a variety of services to children, adolescents, and young adults. She is committed to providing ethical, competent service in an atmosphere that helps her clients and their families recognize and achieve their true potential and possibilities. With her training in school psychology along with over 16 years of experience, Ms. Benigno offers a range of psychological services; including those related to assessment, counselling/skills training, behaviour support and management, and consultation. She is skilled in the area of psychoeducational assessments, and uses an evidence-based, process oriented approach to clarify individual cognitive and learning profiles, diagnose Learning Disabilities/Disorders and Intellectual Disabilities, and screen for other factors that may impact a person’s school based functioning (i.e., social-emotional functioning, behavioural and/or attention-based difficulties, motivation). Ms. Benigno offers behaviour assessments and can help develop strategies to promote an individual’s ability to interact successfully with others in their environment. Ms. Benigno provides brief, therapeutic/counseling services to support individuals in a variety of areas including executive functioning, learning disabilities/disorders, ADHD, social skills, parenting and anxiety-based difficulties, particularly as they apply to a school setting. Ms. Benigno’s experience within the school system provides her with a unique perspective to effectively advocate and support her clients and their families in developing research-based, practical and realistic plans and recommendations. She can effectively consult with a variety of professionals to help individuals and their families develop and coordinate comprehensive support plans.

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Mr. Ciccarelli has a Master of Arts in School Psychology and has been working as a Psychometrist for almost 25 years. He works full time in the Neuropsychology Service at the IWK Health Centre, and has also supported the clinical work of several community psychologists. Mr. Ciccarelli has been working with Dr. Crystal Lowe-Pearce and Associates since 2011. Mr. Ciccarelli is a great asset to our clinic. His experience includes the assessment of children with varying cognitive and learning profiles, including developmental, attention, and learning concerns. Mr. Ciccarelli is able to complete cognitive and learning assessments in both English and French, which allows us to better serve Francophone students and students who are learning in French Immersion programs. During the assessments he is involved with, Mr. Ciccarelli assists with test administration and scoring, which are critical elements of the assessment process.

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